Updated: Includes Sunday Shenanigans ! A View From Row Z: FA Cup Edition

Everton and Spurs have already advanced to the 5th round of the FA Cup with victories on Friday, now it is time for the rest of the matches. The big one this morning is of course Manchester United against Liverpool. Not that I’m biased or anything, but I’m rooting for United. We also have some hot Serie A action as well as Stoke playing “football”, or at least what they claim is football.

Update: For Sunday we have Arsenal against Aston Villa, Gooners try not to soil yourselves today

7:30 AM Manchester United vs. Liverpool; FSC

10:00 AM Derby County vs Stoke City; FSC

12:00 PM Brighton & Hove Albion vs Newcastle; FSC

2:30 PM Juventes vs Udinese FSC

Other matches may be able to be viewed on FoxSoccer.tv or Fox Soccer Plus, but my research skills are apathetic tonight. Enjoy the matches and remember, stay classy my friends


70 responses to “Updated: Includes Sunday Shenanigans ! A View From Row Z: FA Cup Edition

  1. They canceled the team handshake between QPR and Chelsea, I think they did it in the meteor match though.

  2. Mata scores on a penalty for Chelsea. The world weeps with joy that this game doesn’t have to be replayed.

  3. I wonder if they will make shirts with that guy’s face on them when he gets banned from Anfield?

  4. Yeah I agree. Brighton plays good football. i’m excited to see them take on Newcastle. Derby v. Stoke beforehand, however….

  5. Listening to Millwall-Southampton right now and hoping that Harry “Hurricane” Kane and Iago Falque both get in and play well. …Or wait, is Falque cup-tied?

  6. Blackpool just leveled with Sheffield Wednesday in stoppage time, I really do miss those Orange buggers

  7. I didn’t think any team could have a mascot that would make Chirpy look sophisticated, but Brighton’s seagull-cum-chicken mascot just did it. Wow. That is one shambolic mascot.

  8. Yeah it was. What’s that guys story? Wikipedia makes it sound like he’s on loan from a club that he never actually played for

  9. From some quick research it appears Deportivo Maldonado, the “club” he is loaned by, actually has some kind of corporate arm. So I imagine they own his rights.

  10. @Lorber, i may be hungover, but Arsenal (aside from a few tiny mistakes) look like the team that should up 2-nil… maybe I’m wearing blinders…

  11. @Wac, I would say the only difference is Villa has converted their opportunities, Arsenal hasn’t. So really it is the same old Arsenal, but they hve had good moments

  12. @Wac: Yeah, you’ve had more possession. We all know how meaningless that is. Arsenal haven’t really carved out any great opportunities. Villa have set up to play a counter attacking game, and that’s exactly what they’ve done. They’ve absorbed pressure and broken well on the counter and scored goals from the chances they’ve created. Villa definitely deserve their lead.

  13. That was the worst celebration I’ve ever seen. And particularly ridiculous given the comical manner of the goal.

  14. @TheLorber @Wac Just ask Alan Pardew(AKA Pardiola) what the lion’s share of possession can get you. #stillfuckingpissedoffaboutyesterday

  15. What is Darren Bent thinking? Why are you going to ground inside the box against a fucking center back? There is absolutely no need for that challenge.

  16. Also Arsenal players seem to have an inability to dribble at full sprint. There was a golden opportunity, but he dragged the ball behind him and got lucky Bent made a dumbass challenge

  17. I love how the commentator was all ZOMG RVP OFF and not the same way for Dunne.
    I also love that I thought we were unlucky, and then we got super lucky… I’ll take it.

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