You All Are Perverts

To: Soccer fans, Love: 452

We’ve been going strong for a little over a week now here at Four Five Two and we’re thrilled with the fact that so many faces, old and new, have shown up on this humble doorstep.

But we’re a little bit concerned with how some of you lot have been getting here.

On the back end of our little blog we can see a running log of some of the terms and keywords people have used in search engines to reach Four Five Two.

What we’ve found so far has been very revealing.

And some of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

The phrases like “epl wags” and “futbol girl” are to be expected, and your inquiries into “pepe hand stamp” reveal a healthy lust for violence.

It’s things like “manchester united ladies fans” that have me a bit worried.

Surely you can’t be looking for attractive women from Manchester on the internet? I’m sure they have plenty of hot celebrity “fans” but it seems like you might need to be more specific than that.

Then there are the misguided souls who actually googled “lionel messi + velvet”.

Hopefully that was just Skipjack’s mother trying to find his first post.

Of course there was also “elokobi body”.

What does this look like, Kickette?

On the other hand, it is flattering that Mick McCarthy is reading Four Five Two.

"One in the hole? Oh now I get it!"

But, to the person who found us by stringing together the words “sol campbell adventures of sex”, I must kindly ask you to recuse yourself from any further proceedings.

Oh, who am I kidding?

You’ve probably come to just the right place.

We’ve already inadvertently offended a number of South Americans, made a mockery of transfer season, and even featured our first guest post.

So a sincere thanks for all of the support so far. And please come hang with us this weekend for the latest editions of The View From Row Z, and keep the knowledgable nonsense coming folks.

It wouldn’t be this fun without you.


2 responses to “You All Are Perverts

  1. Exactly the collection of degenerates I expected. Order has been restored to my football blog universe, and for that, I am deeply grateful. At least until the next crap post about Sp*rs.

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