Route One Football: Inaugural Edition

Wednesday is humpday, so I figured everyone deserves a gift as they suffer through an awful day of work or school. Here you can find funny videos, pictures, or just straight out crazy stories. Think SASIC, but more like SIC (Soccer Is Crazy). Also if you ever have something you think should be posted here, email us or shoot us a DM on Twitter. Also some of this may not be safe for work, you have been warned.Kevin-Prince Boateng has a hot girlfriend. You have probably seen her in the SI Swimsuit issue wear some paint, and now she is telling everyone abouut how much sex the two of them have. Head over to Dirty Tackle for more details.

Curious about the EPL and watching soccer on the internet? Pitch Invasion has a great article discussing all of the possibilities.

This is from late last season, but who doesn’t love dancing players. I think the swimmer should make the Olympics.

Also a collection of everything, funny moments, great goals, and even some handbags. Some of it has made the rounds, and other parts I haven’t seen.

Futfanatico has a nice little diary from our oh so dear friend Frank Lampard.

This has nothing to do with soccer, but I hate Skip Bayless. I have no clue how he has a job as a commentator. Thankfully he was finally called on it by Ravens lineman Terrell Suggs. I hate Baltimore too, but I’ll make an exception this time.

Oh and with the African Cup of Nations getting into full swing, Who Ate All the Pies has a good lesson on the importance of a keeper knowing the edge of the box.

A Football Report names their all time team of players who made a move during the January transfer window. A quick preview, Fernando Torres does not make it into this list.

Finally here is a video of some good ole handbags. Unfortunately it is between two team mates, over a PK no less.

Weekly WAG

Gooch may have disappeared off of most USA fans radar with his move to Portugal, but hopefully his girlfriend still knows where he is. Salome Khorasanchi is a model from Iran who lives in Belgium due to some silly things such as the Iranian government wanting to kill scantily clad women. The two have been dating since at least 2008, and all I can say is bravo Gooch, simply bravo.

She can terrorize me any day


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