Liveblog Panama v. USMNT

Panama's enduring image of Americans.

Auditions for a regular place on Jurgen Klinsmann’s United States Men’s National Team continue tonight in Panama City.

After what many considered a lackluster showing against Venezuela, Klinsy’s young squad will have a chance to prove themselves versus a Panama team currently considered by FIFA to be the the 3rd best in CONCACAF.

Panama are an improving side for sure and though few players featuring tonight were in the squad for this summer’s Gold Cup, the USMNT will surely be thinking of reasserting their local dominance over a team who issued them a considerable blow.

The end was soon to come for Bob Bradley and now Klinsmann has a decent opportunity to assess the skill and depth of our talent pool.

Panama will feature a more experimental line-up as well, but let’s see if the new boss can do with a B-squad what Huh-Bob couldn’t with our aces.

You can check out the match on ESPN3 or Galavision, check in over at the four-letter to schmooze with UF’s formidable James T, or, if you’re a glutton for punishment, hang out here with me.

Match starts at 8:30! Starting line-ups coming soon.

Line-ups are in!

United States (4-4-2): Nick Rimando; A.J. DeLaGarza, Michael Parkhurst, Geoff Cameron, Zach Loyd; Graham Zusi, Ricardo Clark, Jermaine Jones, Brek Shea; Chris Wondolowski, Teal Bunbury.

Panama (4-4-2): Luis Mejía; Rolando Algandona, Eduardo Dasent, Eric Vázquez, Carlos Rodríguez; Amir Waithe, Marcos Sánchez, Gabriel Gómez, Alberto Quintero; Luis Rentería, Blas Pérez.

I’m not a Rico Clark guy but hey, he got the winner the other night. Love to see Shea continue to build his national team experience and excited for more Boon-boo-ree. Would have liked to see Feilhaber again as I thought he was one of the most influential against Venezuela.

Pregame: Panama — great isthmus or greatest isthmus?

Pregame: Waiting for ESPN3 to start showing the match is better pregame than Wynalda and Piers Morgan.

Pregame: Fiancee slowly realizing we will not be watching ‘Modern Family’ tonight…

Pregame: Jones is U.S. captain, big opportunity for him.

And we’re off!

1:00 – ESPN3 sucks. Hopefully USMNT won’t.

2:00 – Poor pass from  Clark Loyd there. It begins?

3:00 – Very weak shot that Rimando handles easily. Not even a signal of intent there.

3:30 – Not high on any of the US backups for TIMMAY I must say. Not a Guzan guy.

6:00 – Panama definitely concentrated on the wings, an attempt to expose inexperienced US fullbacks.

8:00 – GOAL! Zusi nets off a rebound on the first real chance for the USMNT!

9:30 – One Panama defender with a bad missed headed clearance on that goal, may have taken a deflection off another actually.

13:00 – Yellow card for Loyd. Jones forced him into it with a poor pass.

14:00 – And Panama waste the ensuing free-kick. High and weak. And Rimando risky with the feet.

16:30 – If that Panamaniac hadn’t mistimed his jump that’s a sure goal. Great ball.

18:00 – De La Garza just tried to pop off from about 45 yards. Probably lucky it was blocked.

20:00 – Good first 20 minutes for the Yanks, organized and building in intensity.

21:00 – Tricky cross from Loyd gives Panama a scare at the back. Safely handled in the end.

23:00 – And some sustained pressure for Panama. Rimando finally snares it. He’s had good command of the box thus far.

25:00 – Rimando with a great save! Real rescue act there.

27:00 – US forwards have been ghosts.

29:00 – What a sequence! Long range from Jones acrobatically stopped by Mejia who then stops Wondo off the rebound point blank!

32:30 – Rimando goes crazy for a few seconds. US lucky to clear.

35:00 – Of course after I praise the US they have 15 minutes of chaos. Rimando redeems that last foolishness! But Panama are really threatening now.

41:00 – Easy there,  Jones. Seems he could be gaining a reputation. Not much to the foul though really.

43:00 – Bunbury finally gets involved, and gives up the ball for a dangerous rush at the US goal. Rimando snuffs it out again.

Half Time: The US leads 1-0 thanks to Graham Zusi’s 1st international goal. The first 20-25 minutes were solid but the rest were played entirely in the US half. Bunbury and Wondolowski nowhere to be found up top, and the midfield failing to really dictate play. Klinsmann’s adjustments should be interesting.

Half Time: Oh look! ESPN brought the B-squad too! Smyth, Hislop, and Gesundheit.

And we’re back!

46:00 – Keeper change for the US, Johnson for Rimando.

47:00 – Sean Johnson looked a lot different when he was a young white girl competing as an Olympic gymnast.

49:00 – Panama continue to exploit the flanks. Way too many crosses and corners coming in.

50:30 – USMNT really unsure at the back right now. New keeper must assert himself.

51:00 – USMNT down to 10 men! Cameron sent off with a straight red. Looks soft but he’s the last man back. It’s just outside the box. Offside trap fails again.

54:00 – The subs will help, but Klinsmann’s men need to show some real toughness with over a third of the match to play.

US Substitution: Wondo (Off)  <-> Parke (On)

59:00 – I fear that card will make this game much more boring. Great to hear the Royal Panamanian Kazoo Philharmonic in the crowd.

65:00 – Strong collect from Johnson. Got to believe he’ll be tested for real here at some point.

US Substitutions: Clark <–> Laurentowicz, Zusi <–> Evans

69:00 – Bunbury needs to come off too. Very disappointing showing so far.

Panama Substitution: Waithe <-> Ovalle

72:00 – US possessing much better with only 10 men.

73:00 – Yellow Card for De La Garza.

Panama Substitution: Renteria <-> Mosquera

US Sub: Bunbury (finally) <-> Sapong

Panama Sub: Quintera <-> Botella

77:00 – Panama getting dangerously close to connecting on another cross. First in some time though. Really should be finished.

80:00 – Sapong has already held the ball up for longer than Bunbury did all match.

81:00 – I like Jones. I do. But he is way too prone to momentary lapses. Better teams will punish them.

85:00 – Parke nearly gifts Perez an equalizer, and once again it’s squandered. He was guilty on the header earlier as well.

89:00 – Panama strangely appear to be in no real rush. No energy from them or the crowd. Beyond our intrepid Kazooists that is.

90:00 – 3 minutes of Canal Time added.

Panama Sub: Gomez <-> De Gracia

94:00 – First corner of the match for the US. Telling statistic in terms of US pressure in this match.

And that’s that. 0-1 to the USMNT.

The red card on Cameron really colored the second half, but still an overall uninspiring performance from the US for me. Neither team looked all that energetic or creative. But I suppose a win is a win, and good experience for US youngsters.

Sapong was a strong presence at the end and good for Zusi scoring his first national team goal.

Thanks for joining me everyone!


125 responses to “Liveblog Panama v. USMNT

  1. Here at 452, we ask the hard-hitting, isthmus-related questions other blogs shy away from!

  2. Currently watching “Casa de la Risa” on Gala waiting for the game to start. I wish BG was here to translate for me. All I’ve been able to absorb so far is there’s a priest hitting a woman in mourning on the head with a bible.

  3. @Brian: Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure everybody involved in the making of that show is going to hell.

  4. I heard there was some kind of liveblog tonight about some country we used to run or something.

  5. Wow, that was an excellent job of just letting Panama’s front line in behind. Good thing they’re as crappy at finishing as the US is.


  7. I like that your comment can leave the box like that.

    Stupid espn3 crashed my browser. JUST IN TIME.

  8. Twellman just said “swizzle” instead of swivel. In other news, Twellman has had 7 concussion. Also, he’s retarded.

  9. Zuzi looks pretty active tonight, everyone else just looks kind of there. Maybe it’s only crashing on me when someone does something.

  10. Nice steal then dribble into nowhere. And pfft, is this Panama’s B team as well or what?

  11. According to ESPN, it’s closer to their A team than ours is. Other than that, no idea.

  12. Some rather hasty research indicates its about half b-team, half aging regulars who may be on the way out of the a-team as it were.

  13. Gomez, Quintero, Renteria are regulars. Meija is their #2 keeper. The rest of them, hell, no one on the back line was in the Gold Cup squad.

  14. I’m trying to hassle JT on espn, but they are not publishing my comments. I hope he sees them anyway.

  15. Taylor Twellman can’t tell the difference between Wondo and Bunbury. He don’t see color.

  16. @Lorber, what are the odds JT is just blocking your comments. He knows what they are likely to say

  17. Unfortunately, I don’t know which one is Parkhurst and which one is Cameron, cos one looks decent (4) and one looks kind of crap (the other one).

  18. How does Rimando often look so good for SLC yet I see him here and I’m convinced he’s terrible?

  19. Good first touch Teal. That’s why you aren’t in the team regularly.

    Where’s Agudelo?

    Also, nice deep strike there by some guy who I couldn’t tell who it was, forced a decent save.

  20. I dunno. Next time the full team plays, I’d be really interested in seeing Lando and Dempsey play up top with Shea and Gatt out wide.

  21. Also, god, Panama’s finishing is maybe worse than ours. And that’s like, difficult.

  22. I’d vote if Teal had a better first touch and could get his finishing form from about a year ago back, he’d be the striker we need/deserve.

  23. Maybe I should be writing something instead of posting on the liveblog huh. Like how DeLaGarza continues to look impressive because he never does enough to look bad. Good impressions by not doing anything, clearly key to advancing with the US.

  24. Who the hell is that 14 guy. God. I can’t tell/know who half these people are lol

  25. I still can’t believe the mighty Donkeys lost to a Cobra character. Crikey.

    btw, I think Destro is going to be great for Italy; he’ll be at Juve, Milan, or Roma within 2 years.

  26. Bahaha. ESPN published my haiku to JT

    Comment From Lennons Eyebrow
    you may be british / and you hate the U S A/ welcome anyway

  27. @wnf: still the best name for a footballer…destra means right in italian. they use it to mean a great bit of skill or move as well. I think Orr can confirm..

  28. James responded “that brought a tear to my eye.” And then they published –
    Comment From Lennons Eyebrow
    that doesn’t shock me / you always were a cryer / brits are huge sissies

    Also, Dan (presumably the dan from UF) sent in:
    Comment From dan
    unprofessional / foul on the new british guy / worse than bunbury (I kid)

  29. Right, time to talk about how great Lando’s been yet we STILL AREN’T SCORING ARRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh

  30. @WNF – I dream of a Destro – Balotelli pairing

    @asalin – Destro can also be translated as dexterous so you are correct, can be used for tricks or cheekiness.

  31. So, right, playing FIFA since the games on the computer, and I can totally hire Danny Higginbotham as a scout. I find this humorous.

  32. Okay, so Cameron is the one that looked crappy, and Parkhurst looked decent. Way to get sent off buddy.

  33. @WNF/Orr: Is Chievo any good? I studied abroad for 3 months in Verona in college. I feel like I should support them

  34. @WNF hahahahaha that makes me laugh as much as I just cried. And to think I had almost forgotten about us getting screwed by the ref in CONCACAF

  35. I’m here for distraction.

    I think Cheivo are fantastic. They’re at best a mid-table side though. If you want to be a super prick you can follow Hellas Verona; they’re finally back up in Serie B. They actually won Serie A in 1985 in one of the oddest seasons ever. It’d be like if Wolves were winning the EPL this year for no discernable reason.

  36. Aww, Osman couldn’t agree personal terms with Udinese. But that’s okay, Fiorentina just bid 6 mil for him too. Italy loves some Leon Osman in Fifa 12

  37. Hey, I liked them before the American, I should point out. Jokic, the left back, is pretty quality. And Pellissier has been there for approximately ever, he’s like 90 years old or something, but man the guy just keeps scoring. He’s like if Di Natale were a bit worse.

  38. @Lorber – Headless chickens are as American as KFC.

    @WNF – I know you’re a true flying donkey. And yes Pellissier is a club legend who really plays for the shirt.

  39. And Panama decides, against 10 men, it’s Route 1 time. Crikey. Other than the US and Mexico, Concacaf really does suck doesn’t it?

  40. I keep asking JT on the ESPN instant analysis if the team arrived by plane or boat, but he won’t respond. wtf?

  41. South and Central American fans should embrace their indigenous heritage and start using pan-flutes. Every game could sound like a “Pure Moods” CD.

  42. Yeah, I pretty much gave up on watching what has devolved into a crapfest on both sides

  43. I like how JT basically admitted the commentary was crap when he said he was using music to keep himself entertained

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