Cry Me A River: Superclásico Edition

Boca fans

Boca fans try to get a glimpse of the team.

Holy crap there’s a ton of soccer going on today. There’s that City Pool open swim this afternoon, Black and Blues versus Light Blues in Italy, the Spanish Superclásico rematch a little later (keep your hands close to your body, Leo!), and I suppose some of us will tune in to see if Slinky (err, Klinsy) can wring some more goals out of his domestic protegés when the USMNT faces Panama. It’s a footie smorgasbord today.

I’m here to pimp one match you won’t find on your TV listings or even under the all-seeing eye of Soccernet. Yes, it’s a club friendly and therefore essentially meaningless, but it could be hugely entertaining. I’m of course talking about the Boca Juniors v. River Plate Superclásico. Here’s several reasons why you might want to check this out:

1. This “friendly” is never friendly. Ever. Even less now.

This is the first time that these two hated rivals have met since River Plate got relegated. It’s also the first time they’ve met when one of them was in the second division. Despite a 2,000 man police operative in and around the stadium, I can assure you there will be some chaos, regardless of the outcome of the match.

2. The game is being played in Resistencia, Chaco. That’s a northern province of Argentina on the border with Paraguay. Boca and River hardly ever come up to Chaco, so the locals are understandably psyched. The atmosphere will be comparable to a regular Superclásico at La Bombonera in Buenos Aires.

3. Boca might lose.

Yes, the newly crowned league champions have a decent chance of losing to a second division club. They lost to Independiente Saturday night thanks to a loltastic OG by Rolando “Skinny” Schiavi (see below). Key players like Juan Román “Bullfighter” Riquelme, strikers Darío “Cvita” Cvitanich and Santiago “Tank” Silva, among others, did not make the trip for various reasons. Oh, and River Plate is coming off a solid win against Racing Club. The match really does look winnable for the underdogs.

Should Boca win, though, expect River fans to spontaneously combust under the intense heat of humiliation. Boca fans have been mercilessly mocking them for six months now. Then they poured salt on the open wound by winning the Apertura title. This match is being played primarily for TV money, but it’s also for pride.

4. David Trezeguet. Sure, he’s old, but he looked good against Racing and scored a nice goal. He might come off the bench, but he’ll be looking to make an impact.

5. Did I mention there will be blood?

So fire up your favorite source of illegitimate soccer streams tonight around 8 Eastern. If this showdown turns sour, it will make the rematch in Mendoza on Sunday all the more epic. It’s not too often you can call a preseason club friendly “epic”.


2 responses to “Cry Me A River: Superclásico Edition

  1. My brother informs me this game is on Fox Deportes, if you get that. Boca up 1-0 right now and River down to ten men. Ruh roh.

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