A View From Row Z: Fuck Mexico Edition

Tonight it is the ladies version of OOSSAA in action as they take on stickin Mexico in an Olympic qualifier. As you all will remember, Mexico beat the US last year to force the Yanks into a playoff to qualify for the World Cup. I believe the order of the day is a healthy dose of ass kicking. The ladies have only scored 27 goals in their last two matches. The match kicks off in 30 minutes, and you can watch it on Universal Sports Network, concacaf.com, or universalsports.com. Enjoy the match and we can all make fun of Mexico together.




11 responses to “A View From Row Z: Fuck Mexico Edition

  1. I like how the they are going with polos in the studio. Gives the whole thing an interesting look

  2. I do not like Mexico. And I hear Blanco coaches the MWNT. Let’s rough ’em up.
    @Skipjack- is that even possible? Oh, and has she responded to any of your letters yet?

  3. @Skip- probably not. Hope Solo has been stealing AM’s fanmail for awhile to try and maintain her status as “hot”

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