Sunday’s View From Row Z: Gooner Hate Edition

Sunday is here, which means yet another excuse to sit around, drink beer*, and yell at the tv. Two big matches today as Manchester Arabia takes on title contenders** Spurs in a game with  some big ramifications. Later on Thirdsenal takes on ManUre  in a match that is sure to feature Henry and Scholes doing spectacular things. Don’t worry though, NYK’s comments will be moderated for everyone’s enjoyment. Full schedule after the jump.
*Drink responsibly kids
**Now available for a limited time only

And you thought you were getting another WAG picture

  6:30am Bologna vs Parma, FSC+, Italy Serie A
  8:30am Manchester City vs Tottenham, FSC, EPL
  8:30am AZ vs Ajax, ESPND, ESPN3, Netherlands
  9:00am Milan vs Novara, FSC+, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
  9:00am Palermo vs Genoa, ESPN3, Italy Serie A
  9:30am Hamburger vs Dortmund, ESPN3, Germany
10:00am Lyon vs Lugon, ESPN3, Coupe de France
11:00am Arsenal vs Manchester United, FSC, EPL
12:00pm Barcelona vs Malaga, GolTV, Spain La Liga
  1:00pm Porto vs Vitoria, ESPN3, Portugal
  2:45pm Inter vs Lazio, FSC, Italy Serie A
  3:30pm Real Madrid vs Bilbao, ESPND, ESPN3, Spain

103 responses to “Sunday’s View From Row Z: Gooner Hate Edition

  1. @Keith: damn, you’re right. I told my Tivo i wanted to see a mutual ass-fucking this morning, I assumed it knew I meant the Spurs/Citeh game.

  2. @eladio: reminds me of all those articles about “my TiVo thinks I’m gay” around the early 00s when the tech first came out.

  3. Well, some good possession for Spurs, but that half was a bit underwhelming. Or maybe just whelming, but that’s probably a stretch.

  4. @Keith: When I got my first Tivo around 2002, I remember that it kept automatically recording all these Korean news shows. All I could figure was that I was setting it up to tape a lot of the World Cup games that were in South Korea. So I gave all the Korean news shows a thumbs down, hoping it would get the message. The next day I looked in my Now Playing list, and it taped a bunch of Chinese news shows. Ever since I have turned off my Tivo’s automatically recording feature.

    @Steve: This is the game I wanted…0-0 draw suits me fine.

  5. Rather uninspiring so far. Spurs need to come out hungry for the second half.

    @eladio: it’s adorable that you think what bearing at the top of the table has any beating on your season

  6. The little look/wink that Parker gives the ref after fouling somebody (this time, Aguero) is just hilarious. It’s like the “yeah, I fucked him” wink.

  7. I’m afraid to turn on my tv knowing that Piers fucking Morgan is going to be a part of this broadcast

  8. Wow…so Fox is trumpeting this game as the first ever live broadcast of an EPL game in the States on Network TV…but isn’t showing it live to the entire country? Sounds about right.

  9. @Eladio Each affiliate controls programming in their area. Fox has no control over it. This is why you hear about some primetime tv shows not being showed if they are considered risque for areas. Stupid but thats how things go

  10. @Brian: I get it, just find it asinine to go out of their way to promote it the way they have, and then it seems many affiliates aren’t showing it live. I’ve got it live, so I’m not put off by it.

    Not only the NFL music has to go, but the laughing heads is way too much like the NFL Sunday crew as well. If Fox gets good ratings on this, no doubt they’ll end up doing this again with 7 people around the table. Ugh.

  11. Based on our passing and poor midfield play, I’d say Arteta could be seen as more of the MVP of this team than RvP.

    Also, FAILCOTT!

  12. Speaking of the Welshman, he has been pretty poor the past few games. Will be interesting to see how Wilshere will fit in when he’s back…I assume Ramsey will sit.

  13. Eladio – if I rubbed one out every time Theo failed I’d be a very happy man.
    Also, Ramsey is just tired. Plays too much. That’s what broke Arteta as well.

  14. I realize Arsenal hasn’t scored from a corner since Martin Keown, but I still think the short corner has less chance of success than dumping it into the box.

  15. Normally, I’m not one to say that one things is because of one reason. I’m still convinced that Arsenal are trash because they lack fullbacks that help maintain possession.

    /And Wilshere
    //And Arteta
    ///And Gervinho
    ////And Walcott

  16. I’m watching this delayed, but watching Walcott explode Jones’ ankle was pretty damn enjoyable.

  17. Incredible weekend. So many great games. Dempsey hat-trick, Keane brace, SFB beating Seventhpool, Spurs beating city with that late Defoe go, and A*****l losing.

  18. It’s the next day. Turns out that Defoe miss and King penno weren’t just a bad dream. Damn.

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