Saturday’s View From Row Z: Inaugural Edition

Welcome to the View From Row Z, our openthread for matchdays here at 4-5-2. Come in, have a drink, and settle down for some scintillating football. What better way to spend a Saturday than with some of your closest friends. Let your significant other spend their time doing all the work today. And remember to show up tonight at 9pm when USMNT takes on Venezuela, we may even have a liveblog for you if we decide to be over achieving. Full schedule is below.

At some point Lauren McDonald was dating our own Maurice Edu

7:45am Chelsea vs Norwich, ESPN2, EPL
9:30am Schalke vs Stuttgart, ESPND, Germany
10:00am Everton vs Blackburn, FSC, EPL
10:00am Fulham vs Newcastle, FSC+, EPL
12:00pm Roma vs Cesena, FSC+, Itlay Serie A
12:00pm Racing vs Getafe, GolTV, Spain La Liga
12:00pm Espanyol vs Granada, ESPN3, Spain La Liga
12:30pm Liverpool vs Bolton, FSC, EPL
1:55pm Corinthians vs Mirassol, ESPND, ESPN3, Brazil
2:00pm Real Sociedad vs Atletico Madrid, GolTV, Spain La
2:45pm Atalanta vs Juventus, FSC, Italy Serie A
4:00pm Real Betis vs Sevilla, ESPND, ESPN3, Spain La Liga
5:00pm Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Aston Villa, FSC (tape delay)
6:00pm Cruz Azul vs Pachuca, ESPND, Mexico
7:00pm USA vs Venezuela, Galavision, ESPN3, Friendly
8:00pm Guadalajara vs Tijuana, Telemundo, Mexico
Enjoy the matches boys and girls

204 responses to “Saturday’s View From Row Z: Inaugural Edition

  1. Started in time actually. tennis ended like two minutes before kickoff. Thankfully it didn’t go another set

  2. Decent half for Norwich, they’ll need to create some real chances though. Feel they need at least a goal to take something from this.

  3. Holy shit. When did Essien come on? Has he been there all game? I know he’s a shell of the beast he used to be, but he still terrifies me.

  4. He came on a few minutes ago. Same time as when Norwich made their double sub. I love that guy. Least reprehensible person to ever pull on a Chelsea shirt.

  5. Thank god the bootroo…I mean the view from view Z is back…I mean here.

    I’ve been cheating on you guys with a Newcastle site that’s actually halfway decent.

  6. I love ABE, and come on Anichebe you are our second leading goal scorer so I have to pull for you

  7. One shot from Cabaye…rather dull at Craven Cottage. Pardew has changed up the tactics to a sort of 4-3-3 with Jonas playing in the withdrawn forward slot.

  8. Interesting, the mids are rotating in and out of the third forward role…Caybae, Ben Arfa, and Jonas all getting a shot…TACTICS!

  9. @Lorber, Every game he has started he ends up fading out of it after a half or so. Part of that is the players around him, but right how he’s better as an impact sub.

    I really want to see Vellios, Moyes needs to let him out of the damn doghouse

  10. Ben Arfa nearly with another fantastic goal. Forces a diving save from Stockdale from 25 yrds. 0-0

  11. @TheLorber – Who knows? He wasn’t THAT shit at other clubs…seemed to run in to issues with mgt and not being able to keep his dick in his pants around the players wives.

  12. My sleep schedule is so jacked up since getting back from London/NYC. I woke up at 7pm yesterday (!), and I’m up at 7am today.

  13. @jjf3, you have to blame whoever the defender was that let Anichebe get to the ball. He went through 2 guys who could have just kicked it out

  14. This is the first time in months that I have watched a game other than Spurs. I don’t wake up early enough, and im too lazy to watch the recorded games.

  15. @TheLorber: There were rumors around West Ham and Southhampton that Pards got a little too friendly with a player’s wife or two. I mean, look at him…Id let him have a go. He’s quite dashing.

  16. @Tno – Depends on who we bring in or if we finally sell Forster to Celtic. Rumors are that NUFC were scouting Vorm…

  17. Rovers start out bright -check
    Find new and novel ways not to score – check
    Give up a questionable goal aided by comical defending – check
    Go into HT down 1-0 – check

    just another Venkys weekend

  18. Other scores for the lazy folks

    Fulham 0 – 1 Newcastle (Guthrie) HT
    QPR 2 – 0 Wigan (Helguson, Buzsaky) HT
    Stoke 0 – 1 West Brom (Morrison) HT
    Sunderland 1 – 0 Swansea (Sessegnon) HT
    Wolves 2 – 1 Aston Villa (Wolves: Kightly, Edwards; AV: Bent) HT

  19. Great first 20 for Villa, undermined by some headless chicken defending through the rest of the half.

  20. I just want to say that I totally juggle in the rain while holding an umbrella, and I stick soccer flags out the window as I drive

  21. @Brian: you too? That really encapsulated the American footy experience in just 60 seconds.

    /not really

  22. @Brian I cant remember the last time I DIDNT drive my convertible Lamborghini while flying a Newcastle flag.

  23. @jjf3 Definitely, I though it was natural

    And if I see Curt Menafee in the pregame of tomorrows Arsenal Man U match I will cry

  24. Oh and make sure to check tomorrows programming, apparently a lot of Fox affiliates are showing the match on an hour delay.

  25. So, 2 pens that weren’t (Duff’s was outside the box, Krul got a touch to the ball when Andy Johnson went full epileptic) and a rebound that went in off Clint Dempsey’s nuts.

    Fuck football.

  26. Karl Henry off for choking, kicking in te head, and stamping into the ribs of Marc Albrighton. What a fucking cunt.

  27. This is incredible. There has been 7 goals scored in these games, and I have seen none live. I’m always on the other game. What are the odds?

  28. @Brian
    I’m just going to remember that you’re about to draw at home to Blackburn, and understand why u mad.
    /You’re going to say something about Wolves

  29. @Tno, Yea but this draw is expected by fans, Spurs fans actually have hope, and I want to see it crushed

  30. @Prada wtf is going on? seriously, 3 minutes left and I’m watching Serie A commercials? nothankyouverymuch

  31. Motherfuckers. We’re one win from getting our noses in to Europe and we eat absolute shit against Fulham. Fuck me…and most importantly: FUCK YOU, GOD

  32. Close to 30 years ago, my family had a television in a big wooden casing with knobs to change the channel and an antenna to get reception. How is it possible that GolTV looks worse than the picture quality on that television?

  33. So Bolton is actually going to sign Tim Ream? Is conceding goals all part of Owen Coyle’s cunning master plan?

  34. In case you were wondering, Charlie Adam will be here all day to call Chris Eagles a f***ing f****t. Enjoy the casual homophobia!

    L’pool defense putting on a terrific comedic show today

  35. @Tno: it’s actually Andy Carroll. They mic’d him up today since he’s not doing anything else.

  36. It’s really a shame for y’all about Lucas. Once he went down, your season went with him.

  37. What is Carroll doing drifting wide behind Bellamy? He just took himself completely out of the play.

  38. Andy Carroll, you’re not a wide player.
    Then again, he ain’t much of a central player either

  39. there’s one of Charlie Adam’s wonderful cross-field passes.
    Kelly for Johnson at half.There. I said it.

  40. Probably something like this with Carroll playing a little deeper than Suarez and Gerrard playing as an attacking mid that drifts a little wide to provide service to Carroll and Suarez.


  41. Ever since Gerrard has been back in the lineup, Carroll has looked better. Somebody actually giving him decent service. LFC players just need to learn how to use him and not just lumping the ball into the middle of the box hoping he can get a head on it. That Bellamy goal is a perfect example.

  42. @TFA: true, but I don’t like having a player out there who can only contribute with his head. His feet are a liability. Can only hope he proves us wrong.

  43. Does Kenny need a per transfer budget? seems like the more he spends, the less effective the players are. 35 million for Carroll, whereas Bellamy was on a free, and enrique was 5.5

  44. Serie A time. Don’t be shocked to see Atalanta take something from this game.

    Let’s hope Roma didn’t steal all the goals in Italy today.

  45. Guy with a bleeding head automatically makes this the most interesting serie a game I’ve ever seen.

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