Liveblog USA v. Venezuela

Welcome gents and ladies (yea righ). Take a seat and pick out the beverage of your choice for a game that will show us the future of the USMNT. Ok maybe not the future, but at least you will get to see a few guys who could play a big role in the coming years. We are an hour or so away from kickoff, so in the meantime enjoy a few previews of the match from much more talented writers, and Lineups and updates will be after the jump.Some throwback action for you

Shin Guardian



Yanks are Coming

Our own preview

Oh and the match is on ESPN3, thanks a lot JamesT.

OOSSAA! XI: Hamid; Pearce, Parkhurst, Cameron, DeLaGarza; Larentowitz, Jones; Shea, Zusi, Feilhaber; Bunbury

Venezuela XI: Jose Morales (GK), Carlos Rivero (D), Carlos Salazar (D), Jose Velasquez (D), Miguel Mea Vitali (M), Angel Flores (M), Adgar Peres Greco (M), Francisco Flores (M), Alejandro Moreno (F), Alejandro Guerra (M), Andres Rouga (D).

USA Bench: Nick Rimando (GK), Zach Loyd (D), Jeff Parke (D), Ricardo Clark (M), Brad Evans (M), Chris Wondolowski (F), C.J. Sapong (F).

Venezuela Bench:

Pregame: Interesting lineup for the US, being described as a 4-2-3-1, and Jones has the armband for tonight.

Pregame: Apparently no one cares about the Venezuela subs, still haven’t found them yet. Big opportunity for  Bunbury after fading from the spotlight a bit. Also interesting to see MLS defenders considering defense is easiest position to break into USMNT right now.

Pregame: As always the chances of getting a video feed on time with ESPN3 is squat.

Pregame: Anthem finishing up as the feed starts, and we are in Arizona, does the squad really need the warm-up jackets?

Pregame: Who the fuck is Ricardo Ortiz? And I hope Twellman steps up his commentary.

Pregame: Two sentences and he already uses the same phrase, I already hate him

Kickoff: And we are underway!

3rd: Half chance for the US down the left as the ball pops to the top of the box but Venezuela blocks it. Good start from the US, they will just need to keep it up.

Also Mexican ref so we know we are gonna get screwed

5th: Nice sequence from Venezuela, but River crosses it in from the right and puts it well out of bounds.

9th: USA playing a good game so far, no chances yet but they are constantly pressuring the ball. This group understands what Jurgen wants

12th U.S. pressure on Venezuelan defenders excites me unnaturally. Also doing a good job working the ball around in middle third, now to generate attacking options

15th: This may be the most exciting 15 minutes of soccer I’ve seen that didn’t include a shot by either team. Then of course Morales generates a half chance for Ven.

18th: US defenders have yet to play a long ball out of the back, always looking to pass to midfielders who are checking back

20th: Boon Boo Ree with a shot from 25 yards out that is just over the crossbar, nice chance there.

21st: Right after that Feilhaber plays a beautiful ball to split 2 defenders, and Shea gets on the end of it inside the box but puts it wide of the far post.

23rd: Foul on Bunury gives the US a free kick. Zusi puts it into the back, Shea gets a head on it and a fantastic save keeps it out. US itching for a goal here.

26th De La Garza will not be displacing Dolo anytime soon. Also Venezuela seems to be unnaturally defensive. Reminds me of Stoke

29th Jones gallops down the field and slides to Zusi on the right who makes a mess of the cross. He needs to do better when there is a counterattack

32nd: Feilhaber definitely playing well tonight. wouldn’t be shocked to see him assist on a Bunbury goal

34th:  Shea and Zusi have switched, seems Jurgen wants to get Shea more involved. Play moving down the rght side all night for the US

39th: Venezuela take a shot from about 30-35 yards out and it is high. US seems comfortable in possession, but is struggling to break down a defense of 9 men

41st: US screwed by Mexican ref on Bunbury foul. News at 11

42nd: Bunbury gets screwed on a foul call at mdfield, and Venezuela tries a long shot but they are flagged for offside

44th First corner for the US, Zusi takes it long and Bunbury heads it across the 6 but no one is there. Also some guy trying to pick a fight with Jones got a yellow. What an idiot

Oh and Feilhaber got tackled on that corner, way to go Mr. Mexican ref

Halftime: The only thing the US is missing is goals, but this time around they started strong, dominated possession, and created a few chances. There will be some changes at half, and I need a beer.

Halftime: Also for those following along on Twitter, Joe Paterno did infact die, but then he was ressurected by Tim Tebow. Excuse me while I go vomit from reading that tweet.

Halftime: I’m getting dual monitors for the next time I do this. Appears to be no subs for the US or Venezuela

46th We are underway, Salazar hits the ball out, and then elbows Shea for a yellow card. Stupid.

49th: Jones with a chance at the top of the 18 and it goes wide. Build up down the right, the cross in is waist height and Jones could have taken a touch. He was that wide open.

56th Jones plays a 15 yard ball through the middle of the field to a on running Shea, but it doesn’t quite work out. Good movement by Shea

58th Shea and Zusi switch again, interesting to see if Klinsy makes subs soon

60th Foul on Jones, US really needs to try something down the left. And then of course Peace goes down the left and gets a corner.

61st Zusi corner headed out for a second corner. Feilhaber once again got mugged. 2nd corner is headed wide by Cameron. Not much of a chance there though

@Orr, I think he had to punch a ball. Other than that nothing. And Feilhaber is coming out for Wondo and switching to a 4-4-2

63rd: Hamid collects a header off a free kick, quickly distributes to start a US counter, Jones carries it down, passes to Bunbury who can’t do much with it.

67th: Jones makes a poor pass and is forced to foul at midfield to stop the counter and gets a YC for his trouble. Guerra, who was fouled, appears hurt and I’m not to upset about it.

69th: US fan plays taps, and Venezuela about to make a sub of some sort.

Oh and the guy who was hurt and had to be stretchered off immediately gets up and walks back onto the pitch. Dirty bastard

71st: Clark comes on for Larentowitz. This won’t end well

73rd. Pressure in the back forces a hasty clearance by Ven. Zusi ends up with the ball and blasts one over, He could have slid it to Wondo who was wide open in front of goal.

Lloyd on for Pearce

Now Zusi comes off for Sapong. Zusi had a good debut, and certainly can build on tonight

75th: Foul on Shea and this match is getting chippy. Jones got fouled earlier after dribbling through 4 guys converging on him.

76th: Ball played long into the box, Sapong challenges for it and both players go down, ball falls to Wondo who blasts it at the keeper and it goes out for a corner. Chance on the corner but it goes wide

80th: Jones Sapong and Shea combine to force a corner. Corner is taken and it goes right across the 6, and Sapong can’t get on the end of it.

82nd: Venezuela gets a great sequence that results in an open man at the top of the 18, but he whiffs the shot

83rd: Jones  plays a pass into the top of the 18, gets it back, but can’t put the shot on goal.

85th Jones rips one from 25-30 out and forces a corner. Corner is long, Wondo definitely got tackled. Sapong retrieves it plays it back for a ball to be sent in, and Wondo flicks it just wide of the post. This ref blows donkey dick

88th Chance as Shea flicks to Lloyd who crosses it in, the header is saved on the line. U.S. deserves the goal here. Sub for US Brad Evans on for Bunbury who had a pretty good game but tired late.

Guerra subbed off for Ven to chorus of boos. Serves him right.

90th: 4 minutes stoppage.

91st: FOul on someone outside the Ven box, Lloyd had played a cross in that Sapong challenges the keeper for, it squirts out and US player then fouled at top of the box. Ven upset because they feel Sapong should have been called for a foul, but it was 50-50. Morales tipped it with his finger

94th: Jones puts the shot high, right spot but too high

97th. Shea puts in a great cross that Sapon gets onto, but it goes out for a corner. GOAL GOAL USA!!!!!!!!!!! Jones corner is headed in by RICARDO CLARK!!!!!!!


Beautiful game for the US, arguably the best match they have played in years. Dominated the entire game except for maybe 10 minutes, created chances, and got the goal they deserved.

Jermaine Jones is definitely the man of the match. Michael Parkhurst also had a great game as did the entire defense. Next up for the team is a trip to Panama in what will surely be a stronger test. Be interesting to see what Klinsy’s strategy will be.

Be sure to join us tomorrow morning as we have 2 EPL clashes with Spurs v. Arabs, and ManUre v. Le Arse


13 responses to “Liveblog USA v. Venezuela

  1. “see you later my friend” – Spanish announcer on Galavision after that abortion of a cross

  2. Also, obligatory OOH-SAH!! OOH-SAH!! OOH-SAH!!

    doesnt feel like a USNT game if I don’t type that…

  3. ESPN commentator notes that we have played 8 games under Klinzy wiht 6 scoreless first halves

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