Who Needs Everton?

I know I don’t need Everton, especially in today’s EPL (Suck it Barclay’s!). There are so many sexier teams to root for, teams with flair and talent.

My grandma can draw crap like this

Most importantly, teams that can actually put shots on target, or heaven forbid actually score. One would think fans would like to see goals, not to mention three points.

The soccer they play is dreadful. There is no creativity, no desire, and certainly no belief when any player has the ball. Their most creative player was shipped off to Arsenal for a measly sum. The best guy left is on loan from Real Madrid, and he rarely even plays. David Moyes has even been reduced to putting Phil Neville in the midfield. Think about that for a second, PHIL NEVILLE is playing in the midfield. That fact alone makes Stoke appear more attractive.

Yes they do have some talented players like Tim Howard and Marouane Fellaini, but Howard was basically kicked out of Old Trafford by Sir Alex Ferguson, and Fellaini cost 15 million quid from Belgium. If both of them were so fantastic would they really still be at a club like Everton? The last true talent at the club was Wayne Rooney, and he decided to go win a few trophies at a real top club.

Speaking of winning, when was the last time Everton won something? For a club that likes to say they are “huge”, the trophy cabinet doesn’t have such a huge size. It’s been 11 years since the club last won a trophy. Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, even Birmingham have all won trophies in the last decade. Come back and talk when your team gets some new silverwear to replace the dusty stuff.

Yet another thing about Everton that bother’s me is the fans. All they talk about is how their club is “The People’s Club” and how their motto promises “Nothing but the best is good enough.” The product they put on the field certainly isn’t the best. I look on Twitter and all I see is a bunch of complaints. They want the club sold, Moyes sacked, and money to spend on players, but all in a way where the owner is completely respectful to the traditions and history of the club. I have some bad news for you guys, billionaire owners are going to do what they want, and the only thing that will stop them is the banks. Hey isn’t that the situation you are in right now? The banks are already in charge, so why go to all the trouble of adding an extra step?

Talking about ownership, the current one is a joke. He claims to be a fan, but the club hasn’t purchased a new player in over two years. The man openly lies to his fans about having money in the transfer budget when there is none. Yes they have added some on loan, and a few on free transfers, but be realistic, this is a squad in need of overhaul. There are too many players over 30, not enough young talent in the senior squad, and have I mentioned they can’t even shoot the ball–let alone score? Oh and once again, Phil Neville! Enough said there. As a fan why would I even bother?

Finally there is David Moyes, the man has been stuck at Everton since 2002, and the real question is why. Yes, he has done well in years past, but why hasn’t a top team come calling. Is he scared of moving on, or is he just overrated by the public? Given his tactics this year I may suggest the latter. Multiple times he has used a central midfield of Phil Neville and Johnny Heitinga. Sounds like the real formation in use is a 6-3-. Why only 9 players? Because Saha doesn’t count. It befuddles me why Moyes still uses an ineffective striker. Are the other options truly that horrendous? I don’t think Daglish or Ferguson have these problems.

In the end let’s be honest, you can root for Everton, but do you really need to? Why not pick an exciting and interesting team like Stoke? Those long throw-ins are guaranteed to create excitement.


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