Our Little Shindig

I think our logo may need a little work

So um, welcome to our little corner of the internet. If we’ve never met I’m Brian, or Brian_Goodison if you follow me on Twitter, and this is 4-5-2. Orr will take some time to discuss the name and its origins in a later post, but for now you can see NYKid’s original post here. This place is inspired by the fantastic site Unprofessional Foul, which met its end earlier this year, although our writing talent is nowhere near the greatness that was UF. Though many of us spent a lot of time reading, commenting, and in some cases writing for UF, this is a completely different beast. All of us have our own views on what to write, and while some slang and jokes may survive, we want this to become its own site, with a unique commentariat and selection of articles.

Our goal at 4-5-2 is to deliver unique content that makes you laugh and makes you think. Here you will find humorous pieces making fun of everything from teams to players, along with more in-depth looks at topics ranging from soccer finances to the intricacies of player transfers. Along the way the only rule we have is to not take ourselves too seriously, and have fun.

That is where you come in. Make sure to stick around, comment, and give your thoughts. The articles we write are merely a starting point for the discussion, and where it goes is up to you. We hope you enjoy, and drop us a line to sing our praises (we hope), criticize us (more likely), or to discuss an idea (always welcome). Now it is time to turn it over to the great group of writers who will make this place run. After all if you had to listen to me ramble on this place wouldn’t last to long. Oh, and as always, GIVE ‘EM BEANS!


12 responses to “Our Little Shindig

  1. @Eladio: We actually decided that it would be way more offensive if we never mentioned Arsenal on here at all. FOREVER IN OUR SHADOW

  2. Second the idea of never mentioning Arsen…. er… that other North London team on this site.

  3. There’s another team in North London? Oh, you must be talking about those nomads from South London. No worries. They’ll wander over to the MLS or the Eriedivisie sooner or later.

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