Never Too Many Men on the Field

Look Kingsley, you have to get off the field.

What is 4-5-2?

It’s not the police code for Joey Barton in progress.

It’s not the beginning of a late night singles chat-line.

It’s not a failed Herman Cain tax plan. (Topical!)

And okay, so it’s not a FIFA sanctioned, legal formation.

But it would be a hell of a good one wouldn’t it? And since when does FIFA give a damn about laws?

According to UF’s New York Kid, the 4-5-2 was born thusly:

It was our Euro 2008 Best XI post.I remember putting together my team while looking through the email thread to see who everyone else had picked, because I felt like I was missing an obvious choice. I had planned on the 4-5-1, and had been going back and forth on Semi Senturk being a midfielder or a striker. I had Villa up top, so I slotted Senturk in the middle, but then I remembered Arshavin and stuck him up top too. I just never removed anyone from the 5-man midfield to compensate, and magic was born.

Arshavin in a Best XI. How quickly things change in the world of soccer.

I like to think of the 4-5-2 in the same way others might perceive the idea of a “12th man”. And I agree with NYK that there is some magic in it.

When your favorite team is a goal down at home with ten minutes to go and the crowd are united in full voice behind them, they’re playing the 4-5-2.

When an old legend or a player back from injury gets up to take a run in the late stages and the roar builds in the stands, they’re switching to the 4-5-2.

And the 4-5-2 can be achieved at home as well. As Brian (who has done a great job putting this thing together quickly) said earlier, the 4-5-2 is the formation that puts you, the soccer fan, in the middle.

We hope to be a site that puts you in the middle as well.

UF thrived because knowledgable, funny, and devoted soccer fans converged there.

If this new venture could copy one thing it would be that community.


We want you to be a central part of this blog. Visit, comment, hit us on twitter or facebook.

But go even farther.

Going to a match? Take some pictures or send us a story about your experience.

Have an opinion you think transcends the scope of a few comments? Pass it along.

Went to Europe? Hooked up with a footballer’s WAG? Get tested.

Send pics.

We’ll take a look at whatever you got and your participation will help class build this place up.

We sincerely hope you enjoy what this becomes.

4-5-2: Let’s just hope Phil Dowd forgets to check the line-up.


9 responses to “Never Too Many Men on the Field

  1. @dwimann – Hell yeah we do.

    And sorry for the lack of bewbz guys. But don’t worry, Serie A previews come out on Fridays.

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